94-’02 Dodge 5.9 Engine Kit Frame Rail to Valve Cover – Rubber

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’94-’02 Dodge 5.9 Engine Kit Frame Rail to Valve Cover – Rubber


The FS-2500  is a remote mounted filtration system. The FS-2500 cleans your oil at an efficiency rate of 3 microns absolute. This will allow the end user to extend oil drain intervals dramatically, and most importantly, stop up to 99% of the wear in the engine.
The FS-2500 is approximately 11 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  It is small enough to fit on any truck frame or in the engine compartment of heavy equipment. This system is also designed to work on automatic transmissions, hydrostatic drives, hydraulic systems and many other applications.  Obtaining oil samples and servicing the filter are extremely quick and easy!

All of our systems come with an element pre-loaded in the unit.  The hoses are cut and crimped to length for your application.  All fttings needed to install the FS-2500 on your vehicle are also included along with detailed installation instructions.

Kit includes:

  • FS-2500 Unit
  • Install Kit W/ Frame Rail to Valve Cover Bracket
  • Includes Rubber lines

SKU: 19C-4R01004-PERF
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