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0986-435-505 5.9 CR Injector For 04.5-07 Cummins

Does your Dodge Ram have a hard start? Maybe it doesnt start at all? Does It Have A Miss At Idle Or Run Rough? Our OEM injectors may be what you need. Dodge puts a 10 micron fuel filter on the Cummins motor of your truck. Your injectors need a 2 micron filter to keep all of the gunk in your fuel out of them. Many people do not even get to 50k miles before they have a problem caused by fuel contamination. If your ordering a new set of injectors for your Cummins then you may also want to look into a better filtration system to help protect your investment. Please give us a call for filtration options 1-866-330-0183

OEM provides a one year warranty on these injectors and will require a copy of the origonal purchase reciept, mileage of the vehicle upon install and mileage upon failure.

If your sick and tired of replaceing aftermarket injectors, Do it right the first time and try our OEM Injectors. These injectors are Built To The Highest Quality OEM Standards.

These Injectors are sold indavidually

There is a additional $150.00 per injector will be ran on your credit card and credited once we receive your core within 30 Days If Not Returned in 30 Days NO Credit will be given.

SKU: 0986-435-505-PERF
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