‘07.5-’09 “Arctic Heat” 6.7L 3.50″ High Flow Grid Heater

Note: Not for use on 2010+ vehicles.

The first and only ‘07.5-’09 6.7L remote mounted grid heater that meets the Cummins spec for heating element support, amp draw, and temperature rise…

As we have all come to know the 6.7L Cummins is sorely lacking in the airflow department. With new emissions equipment and poorly designed factory parts the 6.7L was set up to fail. The combination of an overly restrictive grid heater (that sits down inside the intake plenum blocking airflow by 30%), 5.9L size valves, and EGR have sent exhaust gas temperatures thru the roof and mileage plummeting. Bottom line, the 6.7L is STARVING for intake airflow.

Trucks that run in warmer climates, whether stock or highly modified, have the option of grinding out the stock grid heater or running the GDP “Air-Boss 67” elevated intake plenum. But, what about a truck that operates in cooler climates and MUST have a grid heater to aid in cold weather starting?

That’s where the “Arctic Heat” High Flow Grid Heater shines! At GDP we’ve designed a new high flow 3.50” intercooler pipe that incorporates a factory Cummins style grid heater assembly. This allows the installation of an “Air-Boss 67” elevated intake plenum or removal of the grid heater from the stock plate while still retaining a grid heater in the system. All of the airflow benefits without the associated cold weather hard start or no start condition of a full grid heater delete.

As an added benefit, to trucks running EGR compliant, relocation of the grid heater eliminates a collection point for soot. The factory grid heater is placed post EGR in the intake system. This makes the stock grid heater the main collection point for carbon to build up reducing intake airflow even further and allowing the built up carbon pieces to drop into the inlet tract to the cylinders. EGR is bad enough but you surely don’t want large pieces of carbon going thru your brand new engine! By installing the Arctic-Heat high Flow Grid Heater, along with an intake plenum such as the “Air-Boss 67”, the grid heater is moved to a pre-EGR position and out of the incoming EGR flow. No more carbon build-up!

From stock to 700+ hp ground pounders, if you run in cold weather the Arctic-Heat 3.50″ High Flow Grid Heater will get the fires lit! For the ultimate in cold weather performance combine the “Arctic-Heat” with the “Air-Boss 67”. The Arctic-Heat Grid Heater is recommended for any truck that encounters cold weather operation.**

Arctic-Heat Tech:

  • Boost tube is manufactured with 3.50” tubing for a huge airflow gain over the factory 2.70” plastic tubing.
  • Supplied grid heater is a factory Cummins style unit which is perfectly matched for amp draw producing full heat output while being 100% code free.
  • Supplied grid heater uses the stock factory power wire (with the addition of ground wire supplied in the kit) for factory style appearance.
  • Supplied with new 200 psi intercooler boots, new grid heater assembly, stainless steel spring loaded band clamps, ground wire, and required factory gaskets for a complete installation package.

**Special grid heater delete blocks will be available for summer use. These blocks will have a 3.50″ round center opening to correctly match the tubing of the Arctic-Heat kit.

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