STOCK VP44 INJECTION PUMP 1998.5-02 5.9L 24V AUTO/NV4500



STOCK VP44 INJECTION PUMP 1998.5-02 5.9L 24V


If you are unsure about which pump you need please call or friendly staff for assistance. We can give you a package deal with FASS or AIRDOG lift pumps, BD Stealth Covers and BD Low Pressure Warning Lights. VP44 is very susceptible to failure due to lack of fuel pressure to the pump. Having a good quality lift pump is key to extending the life of your VP44. We will help you decide what is best for you to help protect your new VP44 from future damage. The pumps are re-manufactured to strict Bosch standards with the most recent upgrade parts and the pump is calibrated to current specs.

There is a additional $400.00 Pump core that will be ran on your credit card and credited once we receive your core within 30 Days If Not Returned in 30 Days NO Credit will be given.  

235HP 98.5-02 Automatic and 5 Speed NV4500 Manual Trans

WARRANTY:  1 year from date of purchase. Splicing wires for performance adding chips voids warranty. Please consider purchasing the BD Stealth cover if you intend to use a chip. It is recommended that a qualified repair shop install your new pump. We will not warranty pumps damaged by improper install. These pumps do not ship with installation instructions.

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