4512750007 EARLY EBP VALVE 98.5-99 7.3L FORD

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4512750007 early EBP valve 98.5-99 7.3L Ford 

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Early Exhaust Back Pressure (EBP) valve 


New Garrett EBP Valve outlet. Only for the Early 1999 models.

When the brass bushings in the valve become worn, the rod can no longer keep the valve plate centered in the outlet and will cause the valve to stick closed or open.

Garrett does not recommend reusing the 12 point bolts the fasten the valve to the turbo body due to bolt stretch which will allow the bolts to unscrew themselves from the cast iron turbine housing.



98.5-99 7.3L Powerstroke

SKU: 451275-0007-PERF
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