75450EPC Re-Calibration Kit 11-17 Chevy


Re-calibration kit 


This will take place of your EPC Solenoid in the valve body, and it works as a fooler plug in the bore. The factory solenoid will snap back into the back of the plug and remain plugged into the factory wiring harness.

The Factory LML/L5P Allison transmission runs at 80PSI of line pressure. On shifts the solenoid will spike the line pressure to 230PSI and then kick it back down to 80PSI after the shift has been made. (not enough to hold any addition horsepower)
The Deviant Race Parts EPC Re-calibration will make the transmission run at a static pressure of 230PSI and will increase to 280PSI off idle also eliminating pressure drop on shifts. This allows much more clamping force to the clutch packs in turn holding more horse power and greatly improving shift quality and longevity of the transmission.
The install is simple. It takes about one hour with no need to drop the valve body out of the transmission. Simply drain fluid, drop the pan remove the factory EPC Solenoid snap it into the back of the Deviant Race Parts EPC plug and install it like you would the factory solenoid. Reinstall pan and fluid and you are done.
This product is great for anyone with a deleted and/or tuned truck with a little extra power over stock.
Also eliminates the need for line pressure increased transmission tuning.
11-17 6.6L LML & L5P Duramax 

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