Advancing the AirDog Tradition with New and Unique Features!

The patented AirDog II system removes entrained air/vapor from diesel fuel which improves engine performance by:

  • Maintaining Correct Injection Timing
  • Eliminating Spray Pattern Disruption
  • Allowing for a Full Power Stroke and Complete Burn

Which leads to:

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Increased Power Output
  • Increased Torque Output
  • Longer Injector Life
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Reduced Exhaust Emissions
  • Optimized Engine Performance

AirDog II also overcomes loss of power for diesel engines operating at higher altitudes.

New Technology of the AirDog II

The AirDog II Fuel Air Separation System is a one of a kind product that features Demand Flow Technology and an Adjustable Regulator that lets you fine tune your fuel system for increased fuel economy, power, and performance!

AirDog II Features
Small & Compact: ONLY 7″L X 10″T X 3.2″W
Dual Feed Gerotor Pump: Quiet, Efficient, Long Lasting!

AirDog II Installation Kit

  • All-Inclusive Installation Kit includes:
  • Relay Control Wiring Harness
  • Fuel Module Up-Grade (when required)
  • All Fuel Fittings Required
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 1/2″ Fuel Lines W/ OEM Style Quick Connect Fittings
  • AirDog II Bracket & Spacer
  • Plastic Ties
  • Installation Manual

For a complete listing of ALL vehicles supported, see the Vehicle Makes and Models page.

AirDog II Fuel Air Separation System featuring Demand Flow Technology

AirDog II is designed to operate at flows and pressures beyond the maximum requirements of the engine. It receives fuel under vacuum from the fuel tank containing entrained air/vapor, particulate contaminates and unknown quantities of water.

The fuel passes through the water separator which removes the large particulate contaminates that could damage or jam the gerotor fuel pump. The fuel, with only entrained air/vapor and tiny particulate contaminates remaining, then enters the fuel pump.

The fuel, now under positive pressure flow, enters the fuel filter. As the fuel passes through the filter media and the remaining particulate contaminates are caught and contained, the entrained air/vapor is also separated. Through the positive fuel air separation features of the patented AirDog II the separated air/vapor is discharged from the filter and back to the fuel tank through the Primary Air/Vapor Discharge Port.

The fuel passing through the filter media is now free of contaminates and power robbing air/vapor. At pressures and flows able to meet the needs of the engine, it exits the fuel filter through two passageways. First, the fuel for the engine, passes into the fuel pickup tube and on to the engine. Then, the excess fuel not needed by the engine recycles internally through the pressure regulator back to the water separator.

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Weight 20 lbs


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